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music distribution.

Made with loads of love ♥ for Artists, Producers & Labels. Transparent reports & monthly payments.


Play, Love, Repeat    No Yearly or One-Time Fees

Free Music Distribution
What’s Included

Stop paying for additional features.

We value your money & committed to providing an absolutely free distribution experience for you. Proudly offers all following for free for everybody.


International Standard Recording Code

Free UPC

Universal Product Code

Free Pre-Order

iTunes Pre-Order Setup

Free YouTube CID

YouTube Content Identification

Global Platforms

Get Your Music On 100+ Platforms.

Choose from a wide range of platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Pandora, JioSaavn, YouTube Music & much more.

Instagram Music

YouTube Content ID

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Instant Music Sharing

Upload and share.

Our parent company designed an outstanding platform for Artists & Labels called Sangeet. You can upload your music for free streaming and paid downloads.

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Enjoy free subscriptions.

Not limited to free music distribution, we offer access to premium apps for no cost!

Available for everyone.

Whether you are an Individual Artist or Big Record Label, our services are open for all.

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Play, Love, Repeat    No Yearly or One-Time Fees

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